The Power of a SYSTEM
& Network Marketing
Business Model

"[knowing this], you would have to be brain dead not to start a home-based business... If you don't have one, you are losing thousands each year."
- Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq.
      former top IRS tax attorney
      President of Tax Reduction Institute

"I went into my research [on network marketing] with a "'No way!' attitude.  I'd avoided this profession like the plague for twenty years.  I ended up devoting an entire chapter to it in my bestselling book [Start Late Finish Rich].  Network Marketing is a vehicle where you can make a little extra money, and with that, buy your freedom.  Do that, and you'll spend the rest of your life doing what you were put here to do."
    - David Bach
   #1 New York Times bestselling author
    The Automatic Millionaire and
    Start Late Finish Rich

"Rich people build networks, everyone else looks for work!"
                                 - Robert Kiyosaki

"This business offers the most systematic way for ordinary individuals to achieve economic success."
      -Jim Collins
      best selling author of Good To Great

"No matter how many steams of income you put into place, No matter how large those income streams grow to become, No matter how successful each stream turns out to be... Ultimately, it's how much you KEEP that counts - not how much you make!"
                 - Robert G. Allen
                   bestselling author of
                   Multiple Streams of Income

"Financial intelligence isn't measured by how much money you make, but how much you keep, and how hard that money works for you."
                                 - Robert Kiyosaki

"A network marketing business qualifies you to earn huge tax breaks approved by congress.  You can legally, morally and ethically slash you taxes by 50% or more... guaranteed!"
    - Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq.
      former top IRS tax attorney
      President of Tax Reduction Institute

"A simple home-based business offers more tax breaks than the super-wealthy can get with their expensive tax lawyers."                     - Robert G. Allen

"Network Marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income."                   On the SYSTEM...
"The proven system that can help you build your team faster than ever before... following a step-by-step system that will help you grow your business."
                                   - Donald Trump

A Question to Consider

When was the last time you saw a McDonalds that failed and closed?

Who can not make a better, healthier hamburger than McDonalds?

So how do they thrive selling inferior tasting, unhealthy burgers in uninviting, uncomfortable interiors, served by teens in stores that are ran by inexperienced, young managers?

It is their SYSTEM that makes it all run as a profitable, well-oiled machine.

Ray Kroc became a billionaire by recruiting people to start their own McDonalds store under their franchise system.  Those owners succeeded because of that system.

Ray Kroc became wealthy because the system built a network of successful franchise stores and he got a piece of all those sales every month - even years after he retired - that's residual income!

It costs about 1.3 million dollars to open a single McDonalds - Just to have the opportunity to plug into their turn-key system.

The manual and system you are getting today will not cost you 1.3 million!  But putting it to work in your business can make you a lot more than that!

In fact, we will allow you to test drive the entire SYSTEM to catapult your growth, plus we are showing you how to have Uncle Sam pay for all your business overhead - for you and for all your prospects!

We are so confident that your risk-free test drive will supercharge your business, that we cover you with our exclusive
You Profit or We Pay  Guarantee!























Other experts' perspectives on the power of network marketing and the system
Click on any of the experts below to hear from them directly.

Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
The #1 Tax Guru
for Home-Based Businesses

6-minute personally-narrated slide show
plus available full business training - FREE webinar replay!
"How to have Uncle Sam PAY FOR and Help Build Your Business"

Robert T. Kiyosaki
Bestselling author and
financial educator

Rich Dad was New York Times bestseller list for 7 years straight
One of world's most respected business/financial authors shares
The Perfect Business  -  The Business of the 21st Century

Donald Trump
Billionaire real estate mogul
creator of The Apprentice

Billionaire Donald Trump shares his
"Top 6 Reasons for Network Marketing"
and the importance of a proven SYSTEM for growth

Paul Zane Pilzer
World Renowned Economist,
advisor and bestselling author

One of the world's most respected economists shares how
converging trends are creating The Perfect Storm of Opportunity
and will create ten million new millionaire households

Warren Buffet and
other financial experts

Regarded as the world's most success investor,
Warren Buffet says getting involved in network marketing
"was the best business decision I ever made".

Jim Rohn
America's Foremost Business Philosopher
audio play:

"Building Your Network Marketing Business"
full audio of 50-minute training seminar presentation
considered one of the best CDs ever produced on business.

Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq,
President, Tax Reduction Institute
former IRS attorney & chief trainer

The President of The Tax Reduction Institute and IRS insider says
"[knowing this], you would have to be brain dead not to start a home-based business, if you don't already have one."

We have taken the proven Direct Sales / Network Marketing / Referral Marketing model and completely revolutionized the way in which you are able to build a thriving income, part-time from the comfort of home by a complete turn-key system that GUARANTEES your success.

NO Selling. NO Rejection. NO Presentations. NO Peddling Products. NO Pitching Businesses.  NO Wasted Time NO Wasted Money GUARANTEED SUCCESS - RISK-FREE TEST DRIVE!

S ave
Y ourself
S tress
T ime
E ffort
M oney

While there is no question of the potential of this great industry, there is only one SYSTEM that completely eliminates the 3 biggest challenges that stop over 95% from experiencing the rewards of a large network...

Surveys indicate 93% of the US population is sales resistant.
They do NOT want to be sold and they certainly do NOT want to sell!

Yet we find that if they see they will save $500 per month in taxes being taken out of their job paychecks AND get that back in monthly refund checks, it becomes obvious that they are LOSING about $20 every day they are not in business with you and can fix that leak immediately!

When they are seeing $500 monthly refund checks and all they have to do is use the SYSTEM to share how everyone can do the same... They are not selling - they are excitedly telling everyone!  Then, when you use the leverage of our social media systems, with things like facebook, you are suddenly building an excited network with no selling, no objections, no resistance, no reservations and the SYSTEM doing nearly all the work for you!
That is just the beginning.  In our free manual, you will learn EXACTLY how to Recruit, Replicate and Retain on autopilot for a growing, rock-solid extra income stream - all under a risk-free system test drive with our exclusive YOU PROFIT OR WE PAY  GUARANTEE!